Years ago, we were promised flying cars and jetpacks, but we still haven’t gotten them yet. And while they both exist, neither is readily available for the average consumer. But don’t despair, there’s plenty of amazing futuristic tech that we do have spy on cell phone without access—and it’s all pretty darn cool. Just take a look at some of the amazing things we’ve found.

Pebble Time Steel


Pebbles crowd-funding resulted in the much-loved Pebble Time smartwatch, which stole a whole lot of business from Apple and its iWatch. Now, the company is leveling up with the Steel, a more durable “time-piece” that has a longer battery life than its predecessor—one that lasts up to 10 days—and a full-color display that never goes off. It features voice-to-text functionality and allows you to see notifications such as incoming calls, emails, texts, calendar events and more at a glance.

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear


Keep your eyes on the road during your next run or bike with the revolutionary Jet Smart Eyewear from Recon. These smartglasses are designed for runners, bikers, hikers and exercise enthusiasts who don’t want to fumble with their phones during an event or workout. Utilizing an advanced microcomputer, Android and iOS compatible app, and asuite of sensors, the Jet SmartGlasses allow you to capture metrics such as your pace, heart rate, speed, distance, cadence and elevation and share it in real time; take perfectly framed pictures and video;display texts and caller ID (shown below your right eye); and even navigate through your music playlists!

ChiTronicMagic Smart Ring


The future is at your fingertips—or at least on your finger—with the ChiTronic Smart Ring. This stylish, comfortable piece of tech utilizes NFC (near field technology) to lock and unlock your smart phone or tablet quickly andshare and transfer information like text messages, web site links, pictures, address and phone numbers, medical data, business card information and more. Available in different sizes, this waterproof ring supports all Android and Windows NFC mobile devices.

​Hexoskin Smart Shirt


Biometric wearables have long been the stuff of science fiction—but not anymore. Hexoskin offers a long line of shirts and recording devices that measure your heart rate, breathing, ventilation, acceleration and more. The garments help regulate your temperature, wicking away moisture while supplying a warm anti-bacterial under layer, and provide all the metrics you want without having to don some type of uncomfortable watch, smartband or chest strap.

Daqri Smart Helmet


Not for the everyday consumer, the Daqri Smart Helmet is designed specifically for commercial use. It comes equipped with multiple cameras and a “shield” that not only protects the eyes when used on a construction site, but which serves as a screen that projects augmented reality onto it. This high-tech hardhat allows users to integrate live data from the existing equipment and visualize it in the context of the work environment. It can display anything from navigational arrows and meter levels to background information and other real-time data. Ultimately, it makes a safer and more productive environment for industrial workers.